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Я приехала в Рио де Жанейро, чтобы прикоснуться к своей давней мечте – Олимпийским Играм. В Доме Болельщиков так сложилось, что я началала тесно работать с командой пресс-центра, и провела в ней все дни Олимпиады. За время Олимпиады я написала около 40 историй о спортсменах, гостях и волонтерах. Опыт волонтерства на Олимпийских Играх для меня впервые. Мне всегда хотелось узнать бэкграунд оргазнизации подобных мероприятий мировога масштаба и посмотреть на все из-за кулисья. Все дни были непредсказуемы, работа в Доме сменялась поездками на стадионы, прогулками по Копакабане, поисками жилья, бесконечными встречами и расставаниями. Для меня Олимпиада еще не закончена, т.к. завтра начинается мое волонтерство на Паралимпиаде.

Olympic Games volunteering experience

С момента последнего залпа салюта на стадионе Маракана в Рио де Жанейро прошло уже больше месяца. Олимпийские и Паралимпийские игры остались в прошлом. Город окончательно вернулся к своей обычной жизни. Хочется еще раз рассказать, как все это было и подвести итоги.

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Paralympics Games 2016

Field of Play team member

Two months ago I bought a ticket for my own money to fly to the other side of the world, where I haven’t ever been and didn’t know anyone, to work 10 hours a day for free. I didn’t know why thousands of people have done the same. But I was absolutely sure I wanted to do that.

And today is the first day after @rio2016 is already a history. Now I should probably know why. But I don’t really know. I can’t say the exact reasons. I can’t say it was always fantastic, interesting and easy. Sometimes it was hard, sad, boring or unfair. It was always an every day high concentration of hopes, wishes and happiness. And this was awesome! If someone lost means someone won. And a winner can be anyone. If you can dream it you can do it, but you need to send very precise wishes to the Universe and work for it as hard as you can.

Two months ago I went to adventure I had no idea about. Everything was the first. The first time in South America, the first email “you are in the team”, the first Olympic uniform, the first stadium, the first meeting with the athletes, the first victory ceremony, the first touch of the gold medal, the first pin trade, the first competition, the first two hours to get to your venue with a feeling, god, it’s so far, I don’t think I can do that far until the end… And you still do) And everyday feeling – you are living in your dreams!

Today one of the best stories of my life is over. We thought we’d be definitely crying at the Closing Ceremony. But we didn’t. It was a mix of athletes, volunteers and visitors – three parts of the circle, which is impossible to make if one is missing – everyone dancing, singing and smiling all together. We didn’t know who got the medals and who didn’t, because everyone was happy. And this is a power of sport.

Of course it’s sad it finished, but we are happy we had it.

Thank you all who are making the Olympic and Paralympic Games happened!