Day 8

November 8 (Tuesday)
Place: Ubatuba – Sao Paulo
How to get from Ubatuba to Sao Paulo:
1) By bus. Take a bus from the bus station (ask which one is for Sao Paulo as there are 3 bus stations there). Price is 71.75 rials. They don’t accept credit cards.
2) By Blablacar ( – price is around 30-40 rials.
Staying with Simoni’s friends Daniela and Rafaela.

Good morning.
There was a sound of rain the whole night – the perfect sound to sleep with. And woke up from the sun lights – the best beginning of the day.

After two nights in an ocean on a boat with waves whispering I got up in a room surrounded by tropical trees and birds singing. This is an amazing thing about going out of you comfort zone and start traveling – you experience multiply places every day so different one from another that you will never get in you stable daily life. Went to the living room to get my breakfast and coffee. This is a very rare place in Brazil I experienced good wifi connection in all over the hostel areas. If I wasn’t pretty tight with my travel schedule, I will spend definitely more time here as it appeared that Ubatuba has more beaches then Ilha Grange and Paraty, but seems to be less famous. If you give me bed, breakfast, coffee and internet and the ocean – I can live in this place forever)))

The guys from hostel made an absolutely awesome map – they marked bus stations, major destinations, and points of visit. Douglas outlined me the most beautiful beaches around. You can take a local bus (3.80 rials) and a short ride will bring you to any beach you like. In the corner of this paper you have all the time schedules and names – which is really great idea for the travelers!

I decided to go to the most further beach first and then slowly go back passing the other beaches. This was the first one – I got down there without knowing if there is any beach at all. I just looked at the map and decided to check it out.
The beach turned up fantastic!!! The first time since I’m in Brazil (and I’m from Bali, so I’m really spoiled with beaches) I loved the beach. As long as you can see to the both sides there is absolutely no one. I spent there a couple of hours and still haven’t seen any people. But logically people there exist as there were chairs and tables put in a perfect mathematically calculated order.

Then I decided to hitchhike cause there was just one road along the coast anyway. The first car was driven by two Brazilian guys who didn’t speak any English. They brought me here

Then I hitchhike couple of beaches more on the way back to the city.

Ubatuba is mostly visited by guys during the winter (I mean May to October) – as the best time for surfing, and mostly by girls getting suntan during summer time .

I was quite stupid in a last few days with my cash and didn’t use my credit card in situations I should had to. I came to the bus station 20 min before departure of the last bus to Sao Paolo tonight with 30 rials. The ticket price from Ubatuba to Sao Paulo is 71.75. You can pay twice cheaper for blablacar, but I was unlucky and there were no cars today. The woman in a ticket office declared they don’t accept cards and sent me to the sort of ticket machine. After struggling with putting all the destinations and my personal details the machine announced: transaction is invalid. I tried with a help of ticket woman couple times more with no success, then she lost the interest and returned to her window. And here I am: late evening, 10 min before departure of the last bus and no way to buy a ticket. I started to get nervous. One Brazilian woman with no English was trying to help me with a supportive conversation in Portuguese which wasn’t really helping much. When you are living in country for a while you start to recognize people who are able to speak some English by face. So I saw a guy in a queue who I was almost sure did. And I had no other choice as to ask him to borrow me the money for the ticket. And he immediately agreed! This was really generous from his side! This makes me to believe in people! The only thing he asked me my fb account, so we can keep in touch later on and I can give him the money back.