Day 6

November 6 (Sunday)
Place: Paraty

What to do:
Paraty is really nice town, you can spend the whole day just walking on the streets and nearby beaches. You can go by bus for 3.80 rials to nearest places like waterfall.
Staying with CS/HelpX/AirBnb host french sailor Michal on a boat.

Good morning.
The perfect breakfast after my first night on a yacht boat..

The boat was made 50 years ago, but stayed abandoned for 5 years until Michel found it in Canada and brought to Brazil. It took him two years to repair, he saved all the original parts and fabrics, it was a real restoration art.

Finally after few days of clouds the sun showed up in the sky and I could explore the city.

On the Pirate Bay I coincidentally met Tim – the German guy I met in Ilha Grange, but was in touch since I was in Rio and planning my trip. He is doing more or less the same trip as I’m doing, but with slightly different route. Sometimes our lines cross.

We went to his hostel to drink some coffee. Brazil is always surprising me with coffee – they didn’t have coffee. Ok, never mind. But there were these super cute little monkey animals called Callithrix (Sagui in Portuguese) hungry for our apples.

My plan was to head to Sao Paulo tomorrow, so we went to the bus station to check the buses. The ticket to Sao Paulo costs 77 rials, you can get twice cheaper by blablacar.

After being back to the boat Tim and Michel were having a deep conversation about the materials of the boat and details of maintaining, and I was stitching a broken tent.

After sunset Michel, Tim, two Brazilian girls friends of Michel and me went to the main land for a dinner in a very nice Turkish restaurant followed up by caipirinha in karaoke bar. Here I changed my mind about going to Sao Paulo tomorrow for going to Ubatuba.
I’m the person can plan a trip once month ahead and then just change a rout in a second. You know, when you are traveling and you meet new people you ask the usual questions like where are you from, what are you doing here. Paraty is this type of city that you can’t appear just from nowhere, you must have been somewhere before and you are going somewhere after. I was having this kind of talk with one of the girls Marcela. And she said she just came from Ubatuba where she spent two months in a hostel! I’ve heard about Ubatuba before and even checked it once on the map, but didn’t have any strong reasons to visit. And she just spent there 2 months and just loved it as much cause there are so many places to see that you never get bored. And this was the sign. I texted watsapp to the manager, in the next five minutes he answered I’m very welcome and tomorrow I’m going to Ubatuba!

Came home at 2am deadly tired…)