Day 4

November 4 (Friday)
Place: Ilha Grande
What to do:
Raining again
Accommodation: Staying with CS host Daniel

Good morning.
There was a rain the whole night. Woke up from the birds singing.

Yesterday we agreed to meet at 8.30 with Lera and Ilya for breakfast in bakery as Lera is leaving today at 10am. We met there with Ilya and waited Lera for an hour, but she didn’t come. The bakery is on R.Santana street, looks very clean, many cakes, fresh bread and pastry. Coffee is really bad. I ordered cappuccino and it was horrible. I’m not so picky in food and you should really try hard to make something I’ll call horrible. It was a sweet mixture of little coffee with warm milk without foam. So far I struggled to find a really good coffee in Brazil – the most famous coffee exporter in the world!

Then we sat at the pier for a while with a friendly dog who decided to show us the city as a refund. We went to the supermarket to get some snacks and the dog was still following. We bought her some can meet. Supermarket is quite big and have all the basic stuff like fruits, vegetables, bread, cheese, meat.

After yesterday’s vegetarian argument talk with my host’s family it’s pretty clear they don’t like me any more. I went to Paolo’s house. He’s working as “everything I can do with hands” man. He’s helping with fixing electricity, construction and all these stuff. He had a lunch break and drinking beer on his coach. We had a kind of deep talk about relationships on the island. As in many little places like this one people who were not born here came here for reasons. Most of the time it’s a need to change. It’s very clear to everyone that if you want to change yourself changing the place won’t help, but everyone still does. And I personally believe it helps.
Another reason why people happened to stay here – they came for holidays and felt in love. This lover is usually a Brazilian guy. This happened with this Argentinian woman who came here for one week of holidays 6 years ago and never left. She felt in love, they got married, got a beautiful son called Apollo. They are always together since the first day they met. They are running a Beach Hostel ( with nice rooms, equipped kitchen, fast wifi and good breakfast. If I wasn’t doing couchsurfing I will definitely stay here.

Then we went with Ilya for a walk to the right side of the town. This island is called Ilya Grande which can be translated like Ilya Big, and this guy’s name is Ilya and he is big. Funny coincidence. He is from this guys who have a normal live and a proper job, but stopped everything and went as far as they can get a plain to blow their mind and escape from the responsibilities. Usually these guys travel for few months or years and come back for the normal live and a proper job.

We ended up the day coming back to the lunch conversation. I like Paolo because I think he is malandramente. I like everyone who is malandramente because I want to be the one, but I don’t think I am yet. But sometimes I am. The meaning of this word is the lifestyle when someone gets advantages from anything. Usually Brazilians conciser it in a bad way. But I consider it in a good way. It leads me to make a parallel with Ostap Bender who never actually had an intention to hurt anybody and desperately dreamed about Rio with this famous phrase. To get advantages from anything for me is when life gives you a lemon you make lemonade, it’s when you don’t have something you accept that may be you don’t have it because you don’t need it. Malandramente for me is not to get into panic when it seems like you are sinking in the ocean of problems, but learn how to swim and enjoy it.
I think the wold nowadays is divided by two parts: people who have relationships and people who have cats. I’m at the second group. And Paolo is in the first one. He had many girls in his life, he was this type of cool guy to spend a night with no promises. But one day he met a girl – remember I told you the reason why people happened to stay here. And now he is thinking that relationship are like this matching fingers: you can fold them together, but once one is stuck in between, you need to adjust the movement, so it can gently slide into the right place.