Day 26

November 26 (Saturday)
Place: Florianopolis
Half way!

Accommodation: Staying with CS host Vitor and Sonia

Good morning.
My Brazilian hosts decided to spend the whole day at home watching movies.

And called Sasha and Pasha – my travel buddies i met first in Curitiba. They invited their new friends Russian-Brazilian couple and after spending some hours in buses we came to Ribeirão da Ilha. This small town in the South-West was one of the first colonial settlements on the island. Portuguese decided to build a port here for a strategic function as it was situated halfway between Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires. So, I’m officially half way now!

Florianopolis is famous with seafood. Particular Ribeirão da Ilha is one of the most preserved area with colonization architecture and a great area for dinnig fish, shrimps and specially fresh oysters. There are oysters farms just on front of the restaurants.
It’s a pretty funny fact: we are backpackers, eating oysters and drinking white whine in a restaurant with a sea view.

Pretty often in old colonial buildings in Brazil you can see a wood sculpture of a real size woman looking out of the window (which sometimes can even confuse you if it’s a real one or not). This sculpture is called “Namoradeira” which literally means “flirt” and represents a woman who is waiting for her lover.