Day 24

November 24 (Thursday)
Place: Florianopolis
How to go around:
Public transport here is horrible. You can’t go anywhere just by one bus. You always need to change buses on the transfer stations like Central, TIRIO, TILAG. And it takes hours to get anywhere. Lucky me I was with my host in a car)
Accommodation: Staying with CS host Vitor and Sonia

Good morning.
Finally a sunny day which is very rare in a last few weeks. Most of the time during this trip I wear jeans, jacket and snickers. Today we got into a car and went to explore Florianopolis island.

The city itself is on the main land connected by the bridge to the long island. Downtown of Florianopolis is already on the island. The city is known for having a very high quality of life, and safe. Although everyone says there are no jobs here and young people try to move to Porto Alegre or Sao Paulo. Brazilian couple I’m staying with are these rare people who remain love until that age. They are really sweet and really enjoying showing their city to travelers. I am very lucky as bus connection here is horrible. You can easily spend few hours to get anywhere.
My introduction was started from Hercilio Luz Bridge which connects the island with the continent.

Then we drove and stopped over in many beaches.
Beach #1 – Pantano do Sul (South swamp)

Beach # 2 – Açores

Sand dunes I saw from the hill at yesterday. The name is Joaquina. You can rent a sand board to slide down the hills. This the second time I saw these desert spot, the first one was in Muine, Vietnam 5 years ago.

Beach # 3 – Barra da Lagoa (the junction of the river with the sea)

Beach # 4 – Rendeiras – Lagoa da Concençáo

There are some thoughts in my head that come to me often during this trip. I’ve been living in worm countries with oceans for the last 6,5 years. I never planned to live in a tropical country or near the beach. In fact I’m not a big fan of water, probably not a fan at all. And there are people who dream to live in the ocean, but they never done that. Sometimes I think that someone up there mixed up the dreams and I got the ones that weren’t mine. Sometimes I feel that there were supposed to be other people who wished all this what is happening to me, but for unknown reason they never got it, and it was passed to my life list. I really don’t know why did I deserve that kind of travel life. It’s not like I’m trying to have this lifestyle. It’s just happening and I’m only following the flow.

I want to write it at the end of the post, therefore it happened at the beginning of the day today. When I woke up in the morning Vitor said Patric is really not well and he wanted to bring him to the vet. Yesterday he told me that the doctor already came here few days ago and said that there is nothing he can do as the dog is just too old and this is the time. But Vitor still decided to go.
He came back an hour later alone.
We were planning today’s trip because it was supposed to be a nice weather which is very rare these days. I asked Vitor if he’s not going to the trip now because of this loss. But he said of course not, we promised you we’ll go and we’ll go.
This is a real example from the old people that in spite of anything which is already in the past you are still here in present. And you should not be leaded back by your memories, but forward.