Day 23

November 23 (Wednesday)
Place: Itajai-Florianopolis
How to get:
By blablacar for 9-15 rials
Accommodation: Staying with CS hosts Vitor and Sonia

Good morning.
This picture looks like a hand made small model of the project, but it’s a real view from the window of apartment where I stay. And this is my last morning here.

I want to include all my travel knowledge in this trip. For that reason I’d like to cover some distance of my rout by hitchhiking. I’m not a big fan of it, I just never got it’s spirit. Once I made two weeks of hitchhiking in Philippines with my friend who was a very experienced in this. I totally understand the idea, it was definitely an amazing trip, but I’m not sure I want to repeat it. I think the cause it because I literally have to stay on the road and ask for the ride. I guess I love the idea of Couchsurfing because there is an online community with people who want to do it. It there would be the same for hitchhiking – I will definitely join. But the fact that I have to stay on the road pushes me away.
Today I need to go from Itajai to Florianopolis which is just 100 km away and there is just one way, basically, most of the cars who pass Itajai are going to Florianopolis. And I even already discussed with Rafaela to bring me on highway, but still decided to check blablacar. I found out the price is just 9 rials. I wouldn’t do hitchhiking for saving 9 rials, really. I know, it’s not just about saving the money, but as I already said I’m not into this culture.

The driver was ok, I actually didn’t talk, there were two other Brazilian passengers. In Florianopolis I was picked up by my new host Vitor. Vitor is Brazilian man in his 60-s and full of energy. He moved here with his wife many years ago from Porto Alegre. The families of both of them came from Portugal and Spain, so they look pure Europeans. I’m confused what to answer when some friends of mine tell me they like the look of Latin American people. And when they say “Latin American” they imagine bronze skin, black hair, big butts – which is a look of just some Latin Americans whose grand grand grand parents were African and mixed with some other blood on the way.
Another discussion is with word “Aborigine”. People usually think it’s not a nice word to call somebody. But the definition is – the original inhabitants of the country. And nothing else.

The similar confusion goes to word “negro”. 200 years before Portuguese came to South America they first arrived in Southern Africa while trying to find a sea route to India. The term negro, literally meaning ‘black’, was used by the Spanish and Portuguese as a simple description to refer to the Bantu peoples that they encountered. Negro denotes “black” in Spanish and Portuguese.
There was nothing bad in this word.
Until 1960s when some black American leaders objected to the word Negro because they associated it with the long history of slavery, segregation, and discrimination that treated African Americans as second class citizens, or worse and started using the term Afro-American instead. Until nowadays the word is considered offensive. I’ve heard from many “white” people that I have to call “black skinned” people “Afro-Americans”.
But this refers to those “negro” who actually have any connection to America. But most of them don’t. And calling them whatever-Americans even if they don’t have any drop of connection to America just because of some American guys in 1960-s doesn’t make any sense.

Vitor lives on the South of Florianopolis island 10 min walking from the beach. I found this skateboard in the yard probably the same age as me. The weather is cool and the sky is cloudy. I keep wearing jeans and jacket, I really don’t know how people can swim in this temperature. I’m getting bored of the phrase “but you are from Russia”. In Russia people don’t wear shorts when it’s cold, really. Together with there is not always winter and we don’t say “na zdorovie” while drinking.

Vitor’s favorite movie is Kin Dza Dza. Seriously. He patted his cheeks and said “ku” while driving. I made the same in reply. You know, to be friendly.

When we got home I found Kin Dza Dza cartoon with Portuguese subtitles.

I also showed him these one and two of my favorites. After that he said Russians are crazy and we should drink banana kashasa to fasten our friendship.