Day 21

November 21 (Monday)
Place: Itajai / Bolneario Camboriu
How to get:
Little Rio
Accommodation: Staying with CS host Rafaela

Good morning.
oung gentlemen making me breakfast.

People think that traveling is just absolute fun. You don’t have to work, you don’t have any responsibilities. You just carry everything you have in one backpack, you just have to spend all the evenings planning your next destinations, reading, booking, getting used to a new place in five minutes, remember your new address, learning how to get to anywhere from nowhere…  And many travelers including me actually work every day, not 8 hours a day from 9 to 6, but still.

The first thing I do in the morning after I wake up – I open my email, get scared by amount of inbox (sometimes not)). First I open the ones I think I just need to read, but don’t need to answer or can answer straight away. Then I open the others which I need to think after reading and spend a bit more time to reply. The third (last) group is complicated emails, I really need to concentrate. I open them, read, close, mark with a yellow star and go to get a coffee, shower, whatever people do in the morning to get their heads ready. Then I open these emails again.

My head has a separated brain: one sells are responsible for mechanical work and the other for creative. Mechanical work I mean something that is not directly related to the actual creative process, when I don’t literally have to create using a pen in my hand. To create a new page for my blog and put the photos – this is mechanical part, to write – creative. Mechanical work I can do easy and happily while being tired and hungry, sitting on the stairs with people passing in the middle of the party with my phone in a hand. For creative part I need to put myself into a comfort zone under the blanket with hot coffee, chocolate cookies, nice music, total solitude … anything. And after I satisfied all the requests of my soul and body I still need to force myself to start the engine of creative wheel. Once it’s running, you can remove the blanket and cookies.

So, I have to make creative tasks often while traveling, and this is very very hard work.But. The main thing I can generate in non-stop daily basis – ideas. This is done by some unknown part of my brain which is not related to creative or production parts. This is something on a different level.

About the city: I didn’t plan to come here, I never even heard from anyone suggesting to come to Balneario. But one day I accidentally saw in in google and was like wow, this looks like Rio! And it does! It looks like little Rio, very similar, but everything is small and cute.

I spent the whole day walking around Balneario Camborio and this is the best photo of today. I think it really shows the world nowadays.