Day 19

November 19 (Saturday)
Place: Itajai
What to do:
Get to know a new city
Accommodation: Staying with CS host Rafaela and her son Benicio

Good morning.
Woke up at 11am. This is unbelievable cause usually I never wake up that late.

I didn’t plan to come to these cities between Curitiba and Florianopolis (I didn’t even plan to come to Curitiba). My trip is going very wrong from what I expected. The rout is still the same, but the amount of stops increased together with the time I spend in each stop. I didn’t even want to travel, I just wanted to go to Buenos Aires and I thought might be nice to do it by land. I thought to take a direct bus, but then I googled that there are some nice cities right on the way, which will not take much time if I stop for a couple of days in each. I thought it will take me two weeks, so I can write my blog just for 14 days, not so detailed with my thoughts and feelings, but just the brief information and directions. Then I’ll come to Buenos Aires, will sit in a comfort zone with no need to move every few days and organize all of my writings in a proper way. I thought 14 days is not a big deal, I’ll still remember more or less everything from the beginning, read all of my writings once again and add with a fresh head if there would be any parts missing.
And today is 19th and I’m not even in the middle of my way yet. If in my first days I saw the date of the end of my trip and it was giving me understanding of how long do I need to keep the information in my head until I would have time to release it all into the writings and forget about. Now I’m understanding I don’t know when would be the end. I don’t know how long would I need to keep the information in my head. And this means I can’t keep it. I can’t rely on future any more. I have to live today. I have to write anything I want today, not when I come to Buenos Aires. And this is tough. I need to use my creative sells for this hard job. And this means I need to put myself in a comfort zone in the places where my comfort zone does not exist.

Itajai and Bolneario Camborio are neighbor cities divided by the hill.

Rafaela’s father was born in this area. He started working at a gas station when he was 16…
I’m so proud of this kind of stories with such words at the beginning. I’ve heard them quite many in last months of my life in Brazil, but every time I’m still proud. And now her father is the owner of the construction company who built this home high-class resort with sea view. There are 14 buildings similar in design, but slightly different from each other. These are not just empty apartments, but they are ready to move, everything is decorated with love by Rafaela’s mother. Every detail, tables, chairs, curtains, colors of the towels… In the middle ground area here are two cinemas, spa, gym, several gazebos, football and skating fields, courts, play rooms and restaurant where every tenant can eat delicious lunch buffet instead of cooking. Of course there are swimming pools and one with an imitation of the beach sand and sloping entrance into the water. There is a 1km road along the fence for running and cycling.
The main idea of this condominium is to achieve Rafaela’s father dreams. When he was little he wished there was a place where every kid can safely go and play with his friends any time he wants. And now he created this place for his grandchildren.

At afternoon there was a birthday party of Benicio’s friend and we went all together. I remember myself in this age. When you have a lot of children and adults in your house, all the woman smell perfume and men smells tobacco. And they bend their bodies to be closer to you and touch your face cause you are the cutest here. The kids are supposed to be your friends, but you barely know half of them. You are still happy and running around like crazy. And at the end of the day when everyone is gone you sit on your bed with this empty silence and open your presents and some of them you like, and some you don’t. And toys were always the best. Everyone knew that, but your friends’ parents said we should give her a book because she’s getting older and not playing toys any more.

I love being an adult. You can do whatever you want like buying toys without any special occasion or eating chocolate cake before dinner (or even instead). There was one mom on the party who was struggling with her son who wanted to eat candies, but she was forcing him to eat potato first. And I was like, yeah, man, you have to wait for a little while and you will eat candies as much as you want till the rest of your life.