Day 18

November 18 (Friday)
Place: Curitiba-Itajai
How to get: 
Take a bus from Central Bus station, price: 42-50 rials. Or blablacar, price 30-40 rials.
Accommodation: Staying with CS host Rafaela

Good morning.
Packing again.

After packing I texted Sasha and we both agreed it would be awesome to eat some pastry with jam. We were very sure what kind of pastry we were talking about. You know this feeling when you want to eat something and you can picture it and feel it’s taste in your mouth. This was the feeling. Markus was going to pick up his daughter from school and we agreed to buy this pastry and eat together as our last lunch. We met the girl and drove to the supermarket, we only had 1 hour as Markus have had to be back to work. We went to the bread section, but there was nothing similar I wanted, but croissants. I was upset, but we were short with time, so we took them. Then we were waiting in the queue to the cashier and I was kind of upset, this croissants were so much not what I meant. I told this to Markus and he said, ok, let’s leave it here and try another market.
We started driving and I remembered I needed to add credit to my phone. Markus said we can go to the mall with my claro and pastry. I agreed. Usually it takes 5 min to put a credit, but not when you are in a hurry. It took us 30 min, cause of the idiot, who was mistaken with a city code and was blaming anything, but not this. Then we bought some candies and chocolate next to Claro office as I promised the girl to buy sweets.

I was tired and hungry, dropped my bag into Sasha’s house and went to the nearest supermarket just to grab some sandwich before heading to the bus station. And next to the sandwiches there was exactly this pastry I was looking for the whole morning. But I didn’t want it any more.

Brazil with it’s huge poverty surprises me quite often. So far in my opinion Curitiba is the most empty and quite city I’ve been in Brazil. You can barely meet people on the streets walking, and every middle class family has a car. But at 1991 Curitiba’s mayor Lerner (Curitiban architect in his past) decided the city was in need.
Today Curitiba has unique public transport system with extraordinary stations design which is the world’s first bus rapid transit (BRT) network. BRT is a high-quality bus-based transit system that delivers fast, comfortable, and cost-effective services. Yeah! This is definitely the most important thing that Curitiba needs! Who cares if there is a homeless guy sitting on the stairs of the bus stop and cutting his toenails! Apart from my sarcasm this transport system is definitely cool. In the middle of the street there is a separate line for buses only. On both sides of this path there are two futuristic glass tubes, raised from ground level and covered by glass from wind, snow and any other disaster which citizens can experience by waiting 3-5 min for the next bus. You need to pay 3.70 rials before entering the tube.
Buses are divided by colors depending on the rout. Today there are 357 tubes throughout the city. Recently the current Curitiba’s ministry of culture has set up the Tuboteca, a book exchange programme inside the bus stations.

Besides being not so successful in the morning my Blablacar driver was 40 min late. I think I should leave him a bad reference. It was already not the best beginning of the day and now have had to wait long under the sun.

I arrived to Itajai in the evening but still before the beautiful sunset just besides the bus station building which was covering it all. Then I waited my host for 1.5 hour. At the time of her arrival sunset was already over and I was already in “whatever” mood, when I feel “whatever” about anything and not getting angry.

 My new couch is an entire second floor of two floors apartment. There is a double bed, wardrobe, bathroom, living room, kitchen and a balcony with swimming pool and jacuzzi – all mine.

Rafaela is a single mom. We went to the bar she always wanted to come but never had a right company. Two other friends joined us. In bars in Brazil you usually have to pay for the entrance, which is very weird from my point of view. It costs from 15 to 50 rials. They say it’s because the band needs to get some income, but I think the band is the reason people come to the bar, buy drinks, and this is how the band gets the income.
Around 11pm we were talking, looked around and realized there were about 20 people there and our friend was the only guy. Rafaela said if you open your tinder in this room it must be empty. Then we had a conversation that we don’t actually know how do people date nowadays. Is it still like if you meet someone and thinking for a long life spans relationship – you  have to spend many hours together, get to know each other, talk, go for movies, parks – basically waist your time for some useless stuff. Or you meet just for sex which we think is also boring as there wasn’t created anything new in this field since ever. We really don’t know.