Day 15

November 15 (Tuesday)
Place: Sao Paulo-Santos-Curitiba
What to do:
Leaving for the new chapter and the best blablacar driver ever!
Accommodation: Staying with CS host Marcos
Price: 50-70 rials by blablacar

Good morning.
The weather is stable. I have moved so many times in my life, I haven’t stayed in any place longer then 1,5 in a row in a last 1,5 years, that sometimes I think I can live anywhere. I’m 6 days in Sao Paulo and I feel like these girls I’m staying with are my best friends since many years and I can stay here with them forever. But even if it’s hard to move and I want to stay longer, I feel I have to go.

I took blablacar. This is my first blablacar in Brazil, I made it all across Italy last year from south to north and it was interesting way of covering the distances. William met me on a metro station, I asked it there would be other passengers in the car. He said his dog and his boyfriend. People who don’t speak English well do gender misspells pretty often, so I thought he must be mistaken. But he didn’t)

Our trip started super fun straight from the beginning. We put some sartaneje music and were talking about everything. Marcelo didn’t speak any English, but our best friends smart phones and google translator made it possible. After a while William said: By the way, my aunt has a birthday today, and all my family is there, and the place is on the way, how about we go there? I said: Sure, why not!
Santos is a little city on the coast. To get there you need to pass the mountains with clouds all over the year. William said he is not sure if anybody there speaks any English, but he’s sure his son does. After not believing him with a boyfriend I still asked him. Your son? He said: my son. I said ok.

His son appeared to be his cousin. And it looked like we just saved the party as bringing a Russian girl who doesn’t speak any Portuguese is the best present you can make! Brazilians love meat. The most popular food for any sort of celebrations is barbecue. There is never bread or fresh vegetables. Just meat. Here was also a mayonnaise salad (that’s how the call Russian salad in Brazil), Farofa and crab soup. I like crab’s meat, but it’s really difficult and time taking to eat it specially in the places where the only best tools for opening the shells are your teeth and a spoon. If the first and a fast tool is obvious, you just crunch it with your teeth and such the soft meat from inside, the second option – you put a crab on a plate and hit it with a round part of the spoon until you crash the shell, then open with a thin part. I’m not a fan of using the first option, and it takes me so long time to struggle with a spoon battle. Once I was staying in a little island in Philippines with a very poor family and the woman cooked a big pan of crabs. There was nothing else to eat. It took me literally half day to make my stomach full.
After everyone seems to be ready with the meals they said they’ll bring a chocolate cake with coffee. Cake and coffee – sounds perfect! – I dreamed. … Just a little thing – coffee is inside the cake(
And it ended up with my favorite tradition of Brazilian birthday parties – they always give you a piece of cake take away, so you can eat it later. Mmmm… Love this!

The rest of the trip we all spent staring into the windows.