Day 14

November 14 (Monday)
Place: Sao Paulo
What to do:
Checking hard with Tripadvisor if there are any places left in Sao Paulo we haven’t visited yet
Accommodation: Staying with Simoni’s Brazilian friends from Mata Grosso sisters Daniela and Rafaela

Good morning.
It’s been 5 days since I’m in Sao Paulo and today we are really struggling to find an interesting place we haven’t visited yet.

Today Daniela’s friend Carlos from Mato Groso came to Sao Paulo as he’s doing to take the entering university exams tomorrow. This is his first time in Sao Paulo and as far as we haven’t found any attraction we wanted to see, we decided to go to downtown and find something out. The only museum opened on Monday was Praça das Artes.

I don’t understand modern art. I assume there are different styles, you know, I’m an artist. If you don’t, I’ll explain you. If there is a dog’s shit on a perfectly shaped shiny marble plate – this called installation. If there is a dog shitting on a perfectly shaped shiny marble plate – this is performance. So, today we were watching a performance.

Artists nowadays say: you can’t charge this piece of art if you don’t know the contest. And always if you say you like it – the contest doesn’t matter, no one would rush to explain you. It’s clear, you like it because it’s beautiful, creative and gives you “wow, it’s awesome” feeling. But if you don’t – yeah, here we go. You don’t like it not because it’s ugly, stupid and unattractive, but you don’t like it because you don’t understand it. Because you don’t know the contest, dumb ass. You must read this 5 papers of explanation, biography of the artist and have a deep knowledge in the exhibiting topic before giving your opinion you don’t like it.
So, instead of saying I don’t like i prefer saying I don’t understand.

During all the days in Sao Paulo we were talking a lot about history of Brazil. Today our conversation went again back to the slavery and we remembered we wanted to visit Luz Station build by British in a very British style in the late 19th century. It still has it’s historical smell. You can imagine Harry Potter running through the wall on the platform 9 3/4 or the voices of Africans carrying bags with coffee out of the сarriages. Nowadays it’s used just for the short distances, you can’t cross the whole country by train.

I have heard about the city called Curitiba and I thought I should go there, but every time I checked in google, I haven’t seen anything interesting there. And I’m really trying to keep my trip on scheduled. And I had a confirmed plan to go to Florianopolis tomorrow by blablacar. But late in the evening the guy just canceled my trip for some flimsy reason. And there are no cars for tomorrow. And here I remembered again about Curitiba, and in 1 hour I found a ride and a place to stay. So, this time it’s totally not my fault, but I have to extend my trip (again) for a couple of days more.