Day 12

November 12 (Saturday)
Place: Sao Paolo
What to do:
dress up and go to Batman Alle.
Staying with Simoni’s friends Daniela and Rafaela

Good morning.
I woke up just on time for the breakfast with Pão de queijo – a very common Brazilian sort of pastry can be described as a cheese bread. You can buy already ready to eat, or you can make it yourself by mixing the pao de qeijo powder with eggs, water and baking in a oven for 20 min.
Just to remind you when you here “common Brazilian” it doesn’t mean it’s originally Brazilian, cause such a thing like “originally Brazilian” doesn’t exist. Everything here is imported mainly from Portugal or Africa. Pao de queijo was brought here by African slaves and  was made of cassava root in a shape of rolls and added cheese later on when more ingredients became available on the continent.


Bus connection in Sao Paulo is not as convenient as in Rio, even if there is a separate line for them above the ground, the routs are made that wherever you go part of your way you should still do by metro. So taking an Uber is a most common way to get around. I took Uber many times in other countries and in Brazil, but today was the first time we got a female driver. I’m keeping wondering how is this possible that such a beautiful young girl works as an uber driver in this dangerous country… She is great! I hope, I really hope she will never get into any troubles and the angels will follow here wherever she goes.

The street is called Batman Alley and is well known for the biggest collection of wall graffiti in Sao Paulo. In fact it’s not just one street, but the whole neighborhood full of creative fantasy of artistic minds. We spent few hours walking there.

Don’t forget to dress up before coming as you’ll definitely get some fun with posing!

The next plan for today was to have lunch in a family street called avanhandava street where All the restaurants and shops on this street belong to this one family since many years.

We almost choose the place but heard the sounds of Samba and accidentally crushed at samba gay street dance, so got food and party in one package. Ok, now I see why there are no enough Brazilian men to take care about Uber girl…
Many people were wearing crowns. I asked why. Originally it came from the song of Lady Gaga and was spread around community. We tried waffles with spinach – was yummy)

I’m wondering why in order to have a right to wear a crown or a dress the man must be gay. Why if a gay wears the weird dress – it’s ok, he is gay, he can. If a man with a traditional sexual orientation will wear a dress – it’s ok, he must be gay. No, but if he’s not, he just want to wear a dress today cause it’s fun. No, no, this is not acceptable, you have to be gay, or you can’t wear a dress. Luckily for girls it’s easier. When I wear weird clothes people think I’m a faction designer.