Sailing the Atlantic Ocean from Brazil to Portugal, May-June 2017

One year ago I made a trip across the Atlantic Ocean. A dream trip. But I’m not sure if it was a cool adventure I want to talk about or a bad experience I want to forget. The thing is that since that when people ask me to name some awesome things I’ve done in my life – I definitely mention that one. So, I suppose it is forth to tell you.
I was at the end of the world, to where I hitchhiked 3000km from Buenos Aires and never met any Russians on the way, and one evening I was standing in a queue in a supermarket and heard a Russian speech just behind my back. That’s how I met this yacht crew who was sailing from Antarctica to Greenland and who offered me to sail with them until Europe. I felt in love with all of them and agreed. I left South to Antarctica, they started their way up North, and I caught them later in Brazil. By the time I joined them in Brazil they changed the nice captain I knew from Ushuaia to the asshole captain, and the nice captain became the asshole’s first mate which turned all the journey into a different mood.
The whole trip from Brazil to Portugal took us 1 month with one short stop in Cape Verde, Africa.

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