Instagram beginner


I never had my own instagram account. I bought my first iphone which gave me an opportunity to join this app just a year ago. I just never got a value having an expensive phone as everything I need a phone for – call, text, take photos and use google maps. The last one is comfortable, but, couple years ago we made a road trip by car with my brother and his two kids from St Petersburg to Lofoten Islands and back without smartphones and online maps. And we didn’t have any problems. And I never play games. I just find it boring.

Anyway, I decided to join instagram at the same way I decided to start a blog, so these two are new for me. But I’m trying by best to make it both fun and interesting.

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Day 32

December 2 (Friday)
Place: Porto Alegre

Accommodation: Staying with CS host Maher

Today I asked Maher if there is anything else in the city I “must visit”? And he was like, I don’t know… I don’t think so… By the way, you’ve seen the most beautiful street in the world, haven’t you?
And I was like, what??? There is the most beautiful street here? And it’s the first time I ever heard about it. So, of course we went there.
According to some unknown researchers via Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho considered to be the most beautiful street in the world. Planted 70 years ago by German employees in a former brewery site, one hundred tipuana trees stretch approximately 500 meters. From above, it looks as if a forest has filled in between all of the neighboring buildings.

I don’t know why, but I just totally forgot to take the photos, just these two… We were walking and talking and I thought I’ll take them later, but then our conversation and path went far away, and seems like during all of my trip I turned up having the worst photos I can do of the most beautiful piece.

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