A bit of a history of Argentina

What do you know about Argentinian history? Let’s say, in a last two hundred years? Honestly, I didn’t know anything… And this is the best part of traveling — not just seeing the beauty. But learning the stories.

La Casa Rosada (The Pink House)Post 5.jpg

The pink House is the main Government building in Buenos Aires which was built at the end of 19th century and gives us two explanations of its color. Continue reading

My dreams and my thoughts

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It’s been 23 days since I’m living in this hostel in Buenos Aires. Time flies really fast. What I expected when I just came here — I thought it would be super fun, I’ll meet many awesome people, and we’ll be spending great time doing… what? I didn’t think about this “what”. Continue reading

The first day of 2017


When I asked locals if there is anything happening in Buenos Aires for the New Year’s Even they said there is not much. And then I asked if there is a main square like in all the other big cities, so everybody come and there is a music and fireworks and crowds of happy people. And they said there is nothing like that in Buenos Aires. And I was like what? I don’t believe in that, there should be something. Continue reading

The last day of 2016


It was a great year!
Many things I did for the first time. 

First step in South America.First walk in Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro. 
First time volunteering for Olympic Games, first Opening and Closing ceremony, first time at the Olympic stadium and Olympic park. RIO 2016 will always stay in my heart as one of the best adventures I ever took part in!
First time two months ago after having a huge travel experience behind, visiting all the countries in South-East Asia and 38 countries overall I started writing a blog! This blog)
And it’s the first time I installed instagram! (yeah, I’m that person who never had it until two weeks ago)

Thank you all who are following me. And wish you all the be best in a coming year!

Life in a hostel. Day 1

Today’s afternoon I checked in to the hostel where I will spend the next 30 days of my adventure life. I never stayed in the hostel before for that long, so I’m a bit scared. As an exchange for my bed and breakfast I’m going to give them some help with social networks and graphic design stuff. I’m also planning to do some art classes as the hostel has free activities every day and I want to add my hand also into it.
IMG_0332_.jpg Continue reading