A bit of a history of Argentina

What do you know about Argentinian history? Let’s say, in a last two hundred years? Honestly, I didn’t know anything… And this is the best part of traveling — not just seeing the beauty. But learning the stories.

La Casa Rosada (The Pink House)Post 5.jpg

The pink House is the main Government building in Buenos Aires which was built at the end of 19th century and gives us two explanations of its color.

One of the versions says there were two main opposing political parties — white and red, and they made it pink, so everybody was happy. Another explanation is that the original paint contained cow’s blood to prevent damage from the effects of humidity. More likely this was the truth as there were never white and red oppositions, but red and blue.

The Mothers of Plaza de MayoIMG_5916_.jpg

The white scarf painted on the ground in Plaza de Mayo represents mothers whose children were “disappeared” during the state terrorism of the military dictatorship between 1976 and 1983. To the people of Argentina this was an era of lives taken and families broken. The Mothers’ association was made up of women who had met each other while trying to find their missing sons and daughters, share the information and support each others. It was the unity of hearts and minds together.


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