My dreams and my thoughts

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It’s been 23 days since I’m living in this hostel in Buenos Aires. Time flies really fast. What I expected when I just came here — I thought it would be super fun, I’ll meet many awesome people, and we’ll be spending great time doing… what? I didn’t think about this “what”.
The reality is — yes, you meet a lot of people. But, people come and people go.
Some of them are in the middle of the trip around South America, so they are sitting here dipping their faces into laptops and Lonely Planets, talking about buses to Iguasu Waterfalls or if it’s cheaper to fly to Patagonia or go by land.
Some people just arrived from home and suffering from jet lag. Some are depressed that they are going home tomorrow and trying to breath some last moments before their South American adventure is over.
– “Hi, where are you from, when did you arrive, for how long is your trip?”
Every day the same questions. And.
It’s actually super fun)!
Hundreds of people from all over the world appear under one roof, at the same table with the same questions. And this is the place where our travelers’ dreams of making the world a better place are going to happen.


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