The first day of 2017


When I asked locals if there is anything happening in Buenos Aires for the New Year’s Even they said there is not much. And then I asked if there is a main square like in all the other big cities, so everybody come and there is a music and fireworks and crowds of happy people. And they said there is nothing like that in Buenos Aires. And I was like what? I don’t believe in that, there should be something.

I asked several people and got the same reply: there is nothing.

I love FB groups. In general. Expats groups are always the most helpful information offices. I went to this one and there was already questions: Can anyone give recommend a suitable place for a solo traveler to visit go on New Years? An the replies!

A lot of people go to Puerto Madero for midnight celebrations. street music n dancing n drinking. A LOT OF! This sounded amazing!

When we were living the hostel the receptionist asked us where we were going. We said we were going to the river side as we heard there would be celebration. And he said, celebration? No, I don’t think so, never heard about it. I asked him if he is from Buenos Aires. He said yes.

We went anyway. It was 10.30 pm and the street was absolutely empty. No people at all. You could even hear the air. We started thinking that FB was wrong and receptionist was right. But continued anyway, we thought if there would be nothing, we just go back, would still have anough time to reach the hostel before midnight.

As far as we were going closer to the river we started meeting people. And when we reached it we were shocked as there were thousands. There was music, people were dancing and drinking on the street. The bridge was also crowded. How does local Argentinian didn’t know about that – have no idea.

Anyway, it was all super fun! We were drinking fernet and wishing all the best to everybody. From “there is nothing really in BA” it turned out being one of the most crowded New Year celebration in my last few years! Happy New Year!


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