Life in a hostel. Day 2

My hostel offers different activities every day. Some days it’s salsa classes, or Spanish, or like today – walking tour to La Boca – one of the oldest neighborhoods of BA.

Nowadays the area is absolutely just for tourists. Come, take photos, leave. But, anyway, it’s really beautiful and unique and worth to visit.

The biggest attraction is Diego Maradona in varieties of his age.
img_5599_img_5598And these three are also significant.

At the beginning of the tour our guide told us several times that the first part of the tour is free. After that there would be a payed second part – and anybody is free to join it or not. But. When the first part was over he said that the second part of the tour will costs 200 pesos. And those who will not join with a second part should pay 100 for the first one. And we were like eeee?…. but you told us the first part was free. And he was like you know, i spent my time, right? Now you need to contribute.


One thought on “Life in a hostel. Day 2

  1. pedrol December 22, 2016 / 11:41 am

    Buenos Aires is amazing! I spend 2 weeks in Oct 2014 and now I plan to return there 🙂 enjoy! PedroL


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