Life in a hostel. Day 1

Today’s afternoon I checked in to the hostel where I will spend the next 30 days of my adventure life. I never stayed in the hostel before for that long, so I’m a bit scared. As an exchange for my bed and breakfast I’m going to give them some help with social networks and graphic design stuff. I’m also planning to do some art classes as the hostel has free activities every day and I want to add my hand also into it.
IMG_0332_.jpgI was pretty exited about my room and my first roommates and they appeared being the best roommates I could have dreamed about! We went straight away to the Argentinian music party in Cultural Center Konex. This place is sort of alternative art and music. The entrance fee is 130 pesos.
img_5449There was a pretty simple choice of drinks: beer or fernet. I preferred the second one even though I think it tastes like a medicine that you usually have to drink when you are sick with your throat.
img_5455img_5466IMG_5538.jpgOne of the singers today was this famous Argentinian woman (which name I haven’t heard before) –  Sandra Mihanovich.


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