Day 33. Pelotas

Moving to my last stop in Brazil.IMG_9832.jpg
December 3 (Saturday)
Place: Pelotas

How to get: by blablacar 40 rials
Accommodation: Staying with CS hosts Camille and Eric

I used Blablacar again as it’s cheaper and definitely more fun! The first evidence that we were coming closer to the border with Uruguay was Mate. Again. One of the mates had a thermos, he filled his cup with dry leaves and was offering one by one to all the people in the car. And there were 5 of us. And you have to sip it from the same spoon. Yeah… I hope the bitter taste of mate kills the germs…

I always say I do Couchsurfing mostly not to save the money, but to meet people. These guys who were hosting me in Pelotas were just awesome! We felt so much connection between us, like we knew each other since many years.

The city is quite, with many old buildings reminding you as you are in a old city in Europe. People are totally European looking as well.

When somebody who never been so Brazil ask me, so how are Brazilians? And they imagine them like suntanned Latin Americans with big shapes of the bodies, thick lips and they dance salsa every time they here music.

Most of immigrants who came to South of Brazil were “white” as the climate here was (and is) much colder and closer to European climate, then in the North. Because of that reason there were no “black” immigrants. I will post pictures of my friends tomorrow, so you will see the real “Brazilian” faces.))

Even the coffee shop is not an “Asian” or “Chinese” street shop you think you will find here as well. It’s a proper shop with columns and high ceiling with middle age bartenders serving you a little cup of expresso (yes, eXpresso, here in Brazil) so you can fulfill your back to age memories.

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