Day 28. Florianopolis-Gramado-Porto Alegre

It was a very nice stay with Brazilian couple. This are so sweet words that they wrote me in the reference: Lena, if one day you decide to visit Florianópolis again, take the bus Tirio and come back to your house 🙂
November 28 (Monday)
Place: Florianopolis-Gramado-Porto Alegre
How to get there:
Take a bus from Florianopolis for 120 rials, or, as usually if you are lucky and your dates matched – blablacar for twice cheaper. Bus from Florianopolis directly to Porto Alegre costs 95 rials.
Accommodation: Staying with CS host Maher

Gramado in the past received a lot of Italian and German immigrants and until now remains it’s European style (and weather).

When you walk on the streets you would never think you are in Brazil, but in Europe.

It takes 5,5 hours to get to Porto Alegre from Florianopolis directly and 1,5 hours from Gramado. Somewhere in between the bus stopped for a break. I bought a cup of coffee and this Brazilian snacks made of no one knows what with some essential taste. Coffee was horrible. I’m always in a deep love with coffee, I’m addicted. If I want coffee you can’t offer me any taste in the world, but coffee. If I say “it tasted really bad” about food it doesn’t mean anything. It could have really nice taste, but I’m just not a fan of food in general. And if I say “horrible taste” about coffee it can’t mean anything else, but horrible taste. The price was 3 rials. They also had varieties of different deep fried pastries, which already looked like I would not like them.

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