Day 27. Florianopolis

There are many tracks you can do in Florianopolis island. I choose Lagoinha do Leste as it’s one of the most beautiful and near my house. People say Trilha dos Naufragados at the South of the island is also one of the most beautiful and worth to go.

November 27 (Sunday)
Place: Florianopolis

Accommodation: Staying with CS hosts Vitor and Sonia

My track took me around 40 min one way and was pretty easy. At the time when I was about to start getting tired I already arrived

On the way down from the hill I met two Brazilian girls. They offered me a ride and we went to the nearest beach to eat some pastel for lunch.


The day I arrived here 3 days ago the family had an old 15 years dog Pascal who was about to go to the better world. He went there the next morning.
Today’s morning Vitor got a new dog, who was brought to the shelter two weeks ago. They posted his photo online, that’s how Vitor found it. They called him Pedois (“dois” means “second”). They were concerned if the cat Nina will get together with a new friend. She’s been with Pascal since she appeared in this house 10 years ago and now suddenly there is someone else.

I was home when Pedois first entered. He looked around with a bit of modesty in his eyes, sniffed my hands, the air, objects in the house, entered some rooms. Then he ate the food and lied down on the floor in front.
I went to the tracking and cam e back few hours later. When I opened the gate Pedois rushed to me kike I was his best friend ever and he was here for years, and I live in this house and this is how he does every day. He was really really happy, jumping around, licking my hands and face. There were some people passing the fence and he barked on them how usually every dog does to protect it’s house. I couldn’t believe. This dog just came here few house ago and behaved like he has been living here since ever.
Then we went to the kitchen and he showed me his favorite toy (which was a toy if Pascal few days ago and just dried from the washing machine). And he just behaved like this is the place he lives, honestly, he totally believed.
While running around a garden and meeting the cat Nina Pedois was like, yes, we also have a cat, she is a bit odd, but it’s ok, she lives with us, so I like her.
Vitor and Sonya asked the owner to keep the dog for a week of approbation period first to check if it will go well with cat and house. But after one day it’s already clear that it’s not possible to give him back because this is his home.

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